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For 20 years, Dehard has been designing and manufacturing equipment for the industrial cutting and splitting of firewood, kindling and charcoal, as well as cutting grapples for sawmills.
Dehard also ensures the installation and maintenance of its machines in France and Belgium and also has a large stock of spare parts and accessories available.

Dehard has long enjoyed great success in Belgium and France, where dozens of installations are in operation, and is now also present in Austria and Romania.

The advantages of Dehard machines are numerous:

  • foolproof robustness: our machines are designed to last long with the use of high quality steel and oversizing steel thicknesses
  • maximum automation so that only one operator is needed to operate a complete production line
  • customization of the machine to take into account the existing working environment and in accordance with the customer’s needs
  • proposing specific conveying solutions to automate the management of logs but also wood waste
  • short manufacturing times

In order to continue our growing development, we are looking for a well-established  sales partner (trade agent, importer and/or distributor) in the Netherlands, who will be responsible for the sales of our product range. For more information, please check our website:

Interested? Contact Fabian Klaurens, CEO,  by sending an email to or call +32 (0) 86 45 56 36.