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Formpaper Packaging is a leading Spanish manafacturer of automatic shopping paper bags and e-commerce mailers, with a yearly production of over 280 million bags. Their main markets are Spain, France, UK, USA , and they are now focused on the Benelux Market. They have a modern powerful processing plant with all of manufacturing, printing and finishing equipment needed for paper bags. With their wide range of design, types and manufacturing processes, they can offer products for every market segment, helping to place a company’s brand image. Their paper bags are the most sustainable bags as they come from renewable sources, are biodegradable, recyclable and reusable.

Their customers are found in a broad range of sectors such as in the fashion, sports, and  pharmacy industry, but practically in every market segment that makes use of paper shopping bags.

They are seeking a commercial agent (male/female) with residence in the Benelux. The ideal candidate is well-organized, preferably with knowledge of the packaging sector, and motivated to work and collaborate with a growing and very innovative company.

As a start, they can offer a position as commercial agent on a commission basis, but with the possibility of becoming an employee of the company after a short period of time. The agent will work and handle matters in the Benelux in direct and daily contact and support with the Export Manager. The commercial agent will receive personal training in their factory in Spain for at least five days.

For more information, please visit their website: 

Interested? Please contact Mr. F. González by sending an email to:


Poligono Industrial El Mugron Fase III

02640 ALMANSA  (Albacete), SPAIN