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MW Polymers have been manufacturing unique products that are approved to British Gas and DIN performance standards for corrosion protection and gas pipe leaking sealing for over 40 years. 

Currently, they have 5-year contracts with all the UK gas utilities for products that are supplied in simple to use kits, used by the gas company site staff, that require no special tools, and work over wide-ranging ambient temperatures. The standards mean that product approval is 50 years, are cost effective and robust for use in “on site” conditions. Technical support, on site or video training, and assistance in promotion are supplied.

They have distributors, in Germany, Austria, Poland, and Estonia, and they even supply to China Gas!

They are seeking a distributor, who ideally has established connections and will already be supplying to the gas industry that can sell their products in one or more of the following territories; Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxemburg.

The chosen distributors will have the benefit of an exclusive distributor agreement in the agreed territory, if that does not cover all the areas listed above. Currently, the gas industry wants innovation that cuts costs and MW Polymers have new designs and systems, that they will introduce through a new distributor. For an overview of their products, visit  their website

For more information, please contact Mr. M. Wild  on +44 7786 067 436  and/or send an email to